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W&W featuring Ana Criado – Three O’Clock

W&W featuring Ana Criado – Three O’Clock

Dutch Techno Artists W&W to release debut album

Ana Criado sings “Three O’Clock” from W&W

Again I found something I had never heard of before, this time through the channel of Armin van Buuren… He seems to support a project called W&WW&W hike up a storm of new talent, but clearly see the top. The highly talented duo Willem van Hanegem (you’re right, same name as the famous soccer player from the 70-ies in Holland) & Ward van der Harst are in the final stages of finishing their debut album. We reveal one song below, revealing a side of W&W no one has heard before. They basically they kick off with their very first vocal track, ‘Three O’Clock,’ something they haven’t done before.


Ana Criado sings "Three O'Clock" from W&W

Three O’Clock‘ features vocalist Ana Criado, known for her collabs with Armin van Buuren, Dutch super DJ and voted best DJ in the world multiple times. ‘Three O’Clock‘ seems to be having a typical W&W punch, as well as the diversity that combines techno, but as I said before, this is all new to me. I am just giving you a quote from the promo text going with the video. Nevertheless, I love the song and I LOVEEEE the voice of Ana Criado. Hope to hear a lot more of her soon. Enjoy!

W&W feat. Ana Criado Three O’Clock Video

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