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Boyce Avenue – Find Me

Boyce Avenue – Find Me

(new band to me)

Find Me (incredible song)

Don’t you just love it to find some new music like Boyce Avenue with Find Me? I just love it. I just started scanning YouTube and I again found a bandI had never heard of before. I bet for the die hard fans of Boyce Avenue this is kind of blashemous! But really guys, I had NEVER EVER heard from these guys before and I wonder how the hell this is possible! Their music is just awesome! Okay, I only heard Find Me so far, but I just know a great band when I hear one.


Boyce Avenue All We Have Left Album Cover (with Find Me on it)

No clue why I am not hearing this on the radio (or am I listening to the wrong radio station). But for anyone who has never heard it before, we urge you to listen to it. This is just incredible music, an incredible voice, etc. So here you have it: from their album All We Have Left ! Enjoy.

Boyce Avenue Find Me Video

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